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People in The Hague are furious about the new shitty  city logo.

1 November there will be a party to introduce it, and only that party for just one our, costs the taxpayer € 190.000, - that is € 52,77 for each second. (excl. design costs, postpaper, carpark updating etc.)
The original logo of the city is a stork, but that was a long time ago, the logo that they use till this time looks like ”an exploded chicken”.
The citizens are not amused and the are complaining that they spend so much money for that new logo in a city with 20 food banks*

*Food bank;
Supermarkets donated food supplies (almost over the date) to distribution centers and they give it to poor people who had not enough money to buy food.
It’s hard to believe that from the 10 poorest neighbourhoods in the Netherlands there are just 6 of them situated in The Hague.

The new logo ;  “ a sperm”                                     The original historic logo.             The logo now. 
Designer Anton Corbijn 
                                                         (click for a bigger image)          (the exploded chicken)



And here an other typical The Hague problem.          

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